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Central Texas - Day Two

holiday inn express

old bridge on us 90


After an official Holiday Inn Express deluxe breakfast featuring their famous cinnamon rolls (and a yogurt), we left the hotel and took old US 90 down the back roads of central Texas. LaVaca County's #1 radio station was playing non-stop polka requests including the John Deere Polka.  We went thru Schulemberg, Praha, scenic downtown Moulten, and eventually arrived at Shiner. 


We took the Shiner beer tour, matt got some free samples in the hospitality suite, and then we drove thru downtown Shiner.  I got on US 90A and headed west towards Gonzalez, TX.  This is not supposed to be a dining town but we found two appealing BBQ places and split some chopped beef sandwiches.

scary bbq place in gonzalez

Gonzalez is home to the clock tower that doesn't work right because of some criminal who cursed it -- except now its fixed and works just fine.  We also saw the place where a cannon was stolen during some war.   They have a small town Wal-Mart too -- it's a great place to stop when you need cash and can't find a fee-free atm.  Just buy a can of soup for 58 cents and get cash back. 

getting gas & cleaning the windshield


the Shiner Hospitality Suite

downtown shiner

chopped beef sandwich at the the scary bbq place

gonzalez meat market & bbq

gonzalez courthouse


watermelon water tower in luling

Heading north on US 183, we found a true roadside diner at the intesection of I-10 and 183.  It was a dining car from a train stuck on the side of the road.  If it hadn't been BBQ day I would of stopped there.  After seeing the giant watermelon, we arrived in downtown Luling.  The City Meat Market had been recommended by the locals in Gonzalez.  You walk into the BBQ pit itself to get the meat and you get the drinks and sides in a different location. 

luling city market bbq pit

I got brisket and a sausage link and they both were great.  When I took the photo of the BBQ on the left, the ladies at the table next to me asked if I was taking a photo in case anyone stole my BBQ.  I would stop again in Luling if I was heading down I-10. 

Continuing north on US 183 we soon arrived in Lockhart, the BBQ Capital of Texas.  First stop was Black's Barbecue.  Got a chopped beef sandwich there and was very unimpressed (maybe if I got sausage or sliced beef it would of been different).  We found a local drunk and asked him who had the best BBQ -- he said Black's because he worked there and then stumbled into a local saloon.  A short walk across the Lockhart square was Smitty's BBQ.  The beef was good here and we also got a good view of the BBQ pit.  Last was a stop at Krutzes on the north side of town.  Their beef was one of the best that I had.  Unfortunately I only had a few bites because at this point I had way too much meat in three hour period.

Krutzes Meat Counter

city meat market in luling

bbq beef & sausage link in luling

the line to enter the bbq pit in luling

my friend jesus & his watermelon

downtown luling

cowboys general store in lulung

black's bbq

blacks' chopped beef sandwich

lockhart courthouse

smitty bbq

dining at smitty

entrance at krutzes

Krutzes BBQ & Sausage

Bastrop State Park


Taking FM 20 out of Lockhart, we ended up in Bastrop a short time later.  According to 'Off The Beaten Path' (available in the AAA bookstore), they suggested visiting Bastrop State Park.  I got a 20 minute visitor pass and took a 35 minute driving tour thru the park.  Tall trees, winding roads, and a cool breeze made this nature experience very natural.  Buescher State Park is connected to Bastrop State Park and somehow we came out of that park instead.  From there I got on some Farm to Market highway that led back to US 290 (and I saw a happy face water tower along the way).  Heading west on 290 was the town of McDade.


downtown McDade


Further down US 290 was Meyer's Elgin Smokehouse, home of their famous Garlic Pork Sausage.  Despite being ill due to an overdose of BBQ, I decided to try their famous sausage and it was really good.  The downside was the fact that I nearly died:


The evening was spent in Austin-- went to 6th street, a bar that Andy was working at, a bar that Jerrod liked that had a rooftop lounge and a live band, and I saw the Texas Lottery drawings LIVE IN PERSON and got a free flashlight.

driving in bastrop state park

random water tower

Mcdade Water tower

downtown mcdade

Meyer's Elgin Smokehouse

6th street

the live band

lotto drawing

lotto studios